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Chelsea and Liverpool: the one hundred percenters!

We are five games in to the 2018/19 Premier League season and two teams, Chelsea.and Liverpool still.have perfect records. This is the first time in over a hundred years that two teams in the top flight have won their first five matches.
If either team believes in omens, or worries about trends, they will be desperate to win next weekend and make it six wins in the bounce at the start of the season. Why will they be desperate? Well, because on four previous occasions a team has won their first five Premier League matches, not one of those teams has gone on to win the title. 2015/2016 Manchester City won their first five but finished fourth, 2011/12 Manchester United win their first five finished second, 2010/11 Chelsea win their first five and finish second, 2004/05 Arsenal won their first five and finished second. In fact looking at that list, if Liverpool slip up at home to Southampton next weekend and Chelsea do the same against pointless West Ham, put everything you own on Manchester City to win the title. If both clubs win next weekend they face each other the following weekend so at that point something's got to give. Of the three teams that have won their opening six matches Manchester City, Newcastle and Chelsea only Chelsea went on to finish as champions. Chelsea also hold the record, which is nine straight so s at the start of a season and, funnily enough they went on to win the title that season. Liverpool and Chelsea have still got some way to go to match or beat that record.
  Neither of the two teams has been particularly impressive in notching up these runs. Liverpool have played poorly at times and not looked sharp, although to be fair they have looked the best side each time they've played.  Chelsea's performances have been decent but they haven't really been tested. The biggest plus for them has been Eden Hazard, extremely gifted and attack-minded he seems to have spent his career playing for defence minded managers. Now he is playing for an attack minded manager in Sarri and the brakes are well and truly off. If I am honest the most impressive looking team has been current champions Manchester City even though they've dropped two points.
So winning your first five matches seems to suggest that you won't win the title, but there won't be a single person connected with either club who would be willing to swap one of those wins for dropped points!

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