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Premier League Matchday 2 Predictions

In matchday 1, both Joe and Clive managed a humble six correct results out of a possible ten. Will match day 2 bring more joy? Remember it's H for Home win, A for an away win and D for a draw.

                                                Joe  Clive

Cardiff v Newcastle              H   A (neither got this!)
Everton v Southampton      H   H (both got it!)
Leicester v Wolves               H    H (both got it!)  
Spurs v Fulham                    H     H  (both got it!)
West Ham v Bournemouth H    H   (neither got it!)
Chelsea v Arsenal                 D    H (Clive goes 1 up!)  
Burnley v Watford               H    D   (neither got it!)
Man City v Huddersfield    H    H   (both got it, unsurprisingly!)
Brighton v Man United       A    A   (neither got it!)  
Crystal Palace v Liverpool  A    A   (pending)

Clive wins this week by one result, while Joe pays the price for the false optimism at the Emirates nowadays.    


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