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Premier League Match Day 1: Predictions

We've had a crack at predicting the Premier League results. We are looking to run a competition in the future based on a very simple formula.. The rules are simple: one point for a correct result predicted.

However, first, here is Joe’s prediction for the top six come the end of the season:
1. Liverpool
2. City
3. United
4. Arsenal
5. Chelsea
6. Spurs

And here are Clive's top. Six predictions.

1. Manchester City
2. Liverpool
3. Manchester United
4. Spurs
5. Chelsea
6. Arsenal

And now, it’s onto the match day predictions:

                                              Joe       Clive

Man U 2-1 Leicester            H          D (Joe takes the lead: 1-0)
Newcastle 1-2 Spurs            A          A (Both score points, woodwork saves Spurs: 2-1)
Bournemouth 2-0 Cardiff   D          D (Neither got this one)
Fulham 0-2 C.Palace           D          H (Pay the price for underestimating Palace!) 
Huddersfield 0-3 Chelsea   A           D (Joe 3-1 Clive)
Watford 2-0 Brighton         D          H (Joe 3-2 Clive, who fights back with the Hornets' sting!)
Wolves 2-2 Everton            D          D  (Joe 4-3 Clive)
Liverpool 4-0 West Ham     H            H  (Joe 5-4 Clive)
Southampton 0-0 Burnley   D            D (Joe 6-5 Clive)
Arsenal 0-2 Man City:        D            A (Joe 6-6 Clive - honours even, so far!)

Feel free to send your predictions for next week, especially if you beat our 60% success rate.

H = home win
A = away win
D = draw

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