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Spain vs Russia preview

Russia started the World Cup looking unexpectedly good, Spain started the World Cup looking unexpectedly poor. However, by the end of the group stage normal service had been resumed. Spain topped their group and Russia were made to look quite ordinary by Uruguay.
 Spain will play their usual pass and move, possession game and to have any chance at all Russia are going to have to work their socks off. Russia don't really have a threat. Golovin is a very good footballer but he needs the ball recycled to him a lot and he needs a player with a potent weapon, pace or exceptional movement to exploit. I can't see Golovin getting enough of the ball and he hasn't got good enough team mates with which to really attack Spain.
On the other side of the fence, Spain have their clever dominating midfield and the human bulldozer Costa up front. They have goals all over the pitch.
 Despite no doubt, a raucous, partisan crowd I can only see a comfortable Spain win.

Final score prediction   3-0

Odds:   Spain  6/10   Draw   29/10   Russia  24/5

Best bet:  Sergio Ramos to get a card   9/4

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