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Why Liverpool definitely should not sell Mo Salah!

In the summer of 2017, Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool bought what they thougt was a fleet-footed attacking midfielder who got his fair share of goals. They got it wrong! They actually bought a fleet-footed, attacking midfielder who was a goal-scoring sensation!
  Mo Salah failed at his first attempt in the Premier League, playing for Jose Mourinho's Chelsea, although  two goals in six games doesn't sound like quite the failure it's painted as. This time he was ready and with a manager like Jurgen Klopp he had the platform and set-up to score goal after goal after goal. He took the Premier League Golden boot away from Tottenham's Harry Kane, who had won it the three pervious seasons and has shown himself to be a goal-scoring machine. It is fair to say that it took a few games for Jurgen Klopp to recognise how best to utilise his new asset. Maybe it was the goal against Arsenal, where on an Arsenal corner and a quick break Salah ran away from Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin, (often touted as the quickest player in the league), and then calmly slotted the ball past a helpless Petr Cech. If you go back and watch the first eight or so Liverpool fixtures of the season Salah's defensive work rate was exemplary and his dovetailing with Firmino and Mane well rehearsed. He was heavily involved in the build up play. Then something changed and I can only think that it was a deliberate tactic by Klopp and the Liverpool coaching staff, but Salah's defensive workrate and tracking back diminished. Liverpool played the odds, yes it often left the young right backs, either Gomez or Alexander-Arnold exposed or got central defenders out of position trying to help them, but when the ball was turned over it meant Salah was free, lurking and fresh. When you look at the goals Salah scored this was obviously a well judged tactic.
  To go back to Harry Kane, a lot of comparisons were made between him and Salah last season because of the goals they scored. This never made sense to me, Spurs played with an attacking three, Kane up top and two midfield runners, one tricky and clever Dele Alli, and one designed to get into the box at the right time or to break beyond the play, the South Korean, Son. Surely the match ups should read  like this for Kane it's Firmino, for Alli it's Mane and for Son it's Salah. If you compare their seasons and Son had a good season but it didn't get anywhere near to matching Salah's. Yes, yes, I understand with Spurs the goal-scoring focal point is Harry Kane and with Liverpool it's Mo Salah but their starting positions are completely different.
  Mo Salah has had a difficult six weeks. He had the ignominious ending to his season when he sadly bowed out of the Champions League final with an injury from a seemingly, innocuous looking challenge. He had all the fall-out and controversy from that clash with Sergio Ramos, when neither player and neither club covered themselves in glory or acted with much class.
  He has then come to the World Cup, where through no fault of his own and to his obvious distaste his fame has been used to make political statements. It is unclear whose fault this has been maybe Chechnya, or as seems more likely Egypt themselves, but either way Salah has become embroiled in a political geostorm not of his own making. He has been hailed as Egypt's saviour, he cooly slotted the penalty that qualified them to the finals. Unfortunately it is clear that he is not fully fit, he missed the first game altogether, there was an incident where an excited fan touched his shoulder and he winced. Also, it's true that even if his shoulder is now fully healed he hasn't trained properly for the last six weeks prior to the World Cup starting. Has he he failed though? Has he let Egypt down? Eighty per-cent fit at best, playing in a very poor side, two goals in two games! Doesn't sound like a failure to me!
   Liverpool should definitely not sell Mo Salah! Why do players join clubs? The list is long and different players have different priorities, but the reasons go something like this: win trophies, money, manager, club stature, team mates, living space, playing style, there are more. Mo has an excellent chance of winning major honours with Liverpool they have just reached the Champions League final, if he has a starring role in finally bringing the Premier League title to Anfield he would become a legend in the red half of Merseyside as well as Egypt. Liverpool are not the biggest wage payers, they don't have the money of Real Madrid, Barcelona, the two Manchester clubs and until recently Chelsea but they do pay good wages Mo earns a very healthy living. When Gerard Houllier was manager he bought loads of French players, they knew him and he knew them, with Benitez it was Spanaish players, he knew them they wanted to play for him. Liverpool have Jurgen Klopp as manager and everyone knows him, almost everyone wants to play for him! He sets the side up for Mo to score goals, obviously he doesn't do that for Mo's benefit, he does that because it's good for Liverpool and he is using his players strengths. Mo is very good at scoring goals, Klopp sets the team up to take advantage of that. If Mo Salah looks at his team mates at the start of this season and compares it with the start of last season, even if Liverpool sign no more players, he should be excited. Since last season, of the first team, only Coutinho has gone but he has been replaced by Keita and Fabinho. The imperious Van Dijk has been added to the defense. Did Salah really know how good the Ox and Robertson were going to be? He has had a season up front with Mane and Firmino he knows that partnership works and will improve. Mo Salah must see only positive signs.
 Were Liverpool to cash in on Mo's fame they would seriously undermine all that good work and kill the feel good factor created by last season. They would get a lot of money but success would bring much more, keeping Mo would help achieve that success!
  It is vital that Liverpool keep  Mo Salah!!!! And Mo? Mo needs to come back to  Anfield and get one of those Jurgen Klopp hugs!

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