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That German defence though!

After Germany's ignominious defeat to Mexico I kept reading tweets saying that Mexico reminded them of Liverpool. I too could see the resemblance when Mexico won possession they quickly burst forwards in numbers overrunning the German defence. They didn't have the fluency or clinical potency of Liverpool's front three l but it was enough to unnerve the Germans and shake their confidence.
However, for me there was more resemblance between the German defence and the Liverpool defence from before last November's defeat to Spurs. The German defence ended up being outnumbered on at least five occasions including the goal. The Germans can thank their lucky stars that the Mexicans lacked composure, made bad decisions or, when it happened late in the second half ran out of legs to take advantage. How was this allowed to happen? More pertinently how was this allowed to continue to happen? Could Low not see the problems, did he really feel it was just the players having a bad day at the office? The full backs were constantly too far up the pitch, rather than supporting attacks it looked like they were trying to instigate them. Whether this was down to a poor tactical approach or German complacency only the dressing room will know. Kimmich is one of the finest full backs on the planet but he constantly left acres of space behind him, giving Lozano, a player with pace to burn, the room and freedom to be a constant out ball as well as apply pressure on the creaking German defence. Allied to this Khedira and Kroos did't work in tandem particularly well and drifted forwards together giving Mexico licence to run at Hummels and Boateng.
  Liverpool had the same issues prior to that game at Spurs. Liverpool had exactly the same problem mainly because of Jurgen Klopp's attacking instincts and the freedom he gives his players to bomb on. Klopp recognised this though and changed the starting position of his full backs, making them twenty metres deeper. This meant that Robertson and Alexander-Arnold were rarely ahead of play when a move broke down. It didn't restrict their forays into opposition territory but it did mean they were less often caught out of position and remained more compact at the back. After that embarrassing defeat at the hands of Spurs, Liverpool's defensive record improved immeasurably.
Low should take a leaf out of Klopp's book and ask his full backs, particularly Kimmich, to hold their position, to support their attacking players at the right time instead of constantly bombing past them. It may also be the time to consider retiring Khedira, he hasn't looked the same player for some time. If Germany had done this during the game last night, they would have really squeezed the Mexicans in and taken away their out option. Low didn't seem to recognise that a tactical change was needed and just threw on more attack minded players.
 Maybe he should have a look at what Klopp did and tweak his system. It's not often you hold Jurgen Klopp up as the model to copy defensively!

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