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The biggest clubs in England!

Winning the league inevitably means that you have to win on your bad days. You have to win when you play badly, when you have no luck, when you have star names missing. How many times have you seen a Sir Alex Ferguson  team or Jose Mourinho's Chelsea pinch a win when they absolutely don"t deserve it. The press famously coined the phrase, "Fergie time" to imply that refs instinctively kept the game going til United equalised or forced the winner. What a fabulous psychological weapon this was for United, as games wore on, opposing teams would sit deeper and deeper to try to hold what they had, giving up the initiative and allowing United to get on top and of course create chances and score goals. The phrase became a self-fulfilling prophecy. The most famous example of this is the 1999 Champions League final, Bayern Munich played United off the park in a very one sided match, went 1-0 up with German colossus Stefan Effenberg the stand out player. They didn't convert their chances and United scored twice in the last five minutes.
 So if good teams win when they're playing poorly does that mean great clubs win trophies in their lean years? I think so. I have taken into account all the usual parameters when considering who are the truly big clubs in England , trophies won, size of  fan base etc.etc., but I have added this extra facet. In my opinion the only truly big clubs in England are Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal and I hesitated over Arsenal because of their lack of real European success but their sheer volume of trophies won meant that ultimately I couldn't ignore them. I know that Chelsea fans will argue vociferously and for the last twenty years they have been ridiculously successful but prior to that they went twenty seven years without winning anything. They couldn't fill the stadium and were days from going bust. Not filling your stadium is not the benchmark of a big club, the three teams I've nominated have always had a significant fan base even when they are poor. Maybe Manchester City fans will argue they're case and there is no doubt that they are the best club in England right now but not one of the biggest.
Compare this with Manchester United, before the Fergus  era they went twenty six years without winning the title and at times during that twenty six years, as a team they were poor, really poor, and yet they always filled their ground and managed to win four F.A.Cups, one League Cup and one European Cup Winners Cup.
 When Arsenal won the Premier League without losing a game in 2003_04 did any football fans expect them not to win the League again and yet here we are fourteen years later no league title and looking further away than ever. However in those fourteen dry years Arsenal have won no less than four F.A. Cups!
This brings me to Liverpool it is twenty eight long years since they last won the League, in that time though
they have won three F.A.Cups, four League Cups, one UEFA Cup, one Champions League and have another Champions League final pending.
Great teams win games when they're playing badly, great clubs win trophies when they're playing badly!

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