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Can England win the World Cup?

The last two international friendlies before Gareth Southgate picks his World Cup England squad have just been played. The matches against two giant European nations down on their luck has given us much food for thought. The good news is, that England are better than I thought, the bad news is that they are probably not good enough though!
I have been an England fan for as long as I can remember, sometimes an an angry one, on rare occasions a joyous one, at times a heartbroken one but mostly an exasperated one.
Can England win the World Cup? Of course they can! The unexpected happens, Denmark 1988, Greece 2004 and of course most recently Leicester in the Premier League. However, a large number of factors need to fall into place, but with a tournament as large as the World Cup, fulfilling all these factors becomes increasingly unlikely. The team needs to have strong unity and togetherness, everybody needs to play well and in particular the best players need to play well. One player needs to score a bucketload of goals, despite Greece's victory more often than not goals win tournaments. They need luck, massive amounts of luck. Some of the other big name teams need to self destruct. They need a manager that can find a system and organise a  team so that the team becomes greater than the sum of the parts. Think Sir Alf Ramsey's 4,3,3 leaving out Jimmy Greaves, usually with England teams, the total is less than the sum of the parts.
When Sam Allardyce's short lived, ill fated reign was brought to an abrupt end by his own arrogant, grasping nature I seriously believed that England had dodged a bullet, in my opinion Big Sam was never the right man for the job. Whilst I understand the F.A.'s decision to appoint Southgate I have grave reservations about his pedigree. It seems to me he hasn't done enough to warrant getting the top job. That being said,
he hasn't done much wrong so far. He has had good results, good performances, has been innovative in player selection and formation selection. Can he get it right in a tournament, the one arena England traditionally come unstuck. Let's hope so.
Can England with. The World Cup? Unlikely, but not impossible, we need to start touching wood, crossing fingers, kissing black cats and looking for four leaf clovers. Here's hoping, "Come on England!"

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