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Pogba; no myths, what you see is what you get!

The problem for Manchester United fans, Jose Mourinho and indeed Paul Pogba, is not that he is underperforming, (he isn't), he is producing standard Pogba performances. He is delivering the same level of performance he has delivered throughout his career.
 Don't misunderstand me, Paul Pogba is a massive talent, he has fantastic physical attributes, is comfortable in possession, a good passer of the ball, capable of sublime skill and has always been a regular goalscorer. Unfortunately though, the sum of the parts are less than the whole. Pogba appears to be missing a few key components to his game and all of these components are related to mental deficiencies. He doesn't have natural game management or football intelligence, he doesn't have a huge work rate, something that he is certainly capable of and he lacks humility. He would never sacrifice himself for the team, never fully embrace the," team comes first," concept.
Where then, do you play him? He lacks the discipline to be a holding midfielder. He doesn't have the dazzling skill or mindset to be a winger and he isn't cute or clever enough to be a number ten. Could he be a box to box goalscoring number eight. He isn't astute enough to consistently time his runs to get goalscoring opportunities. His career average of a goal every five or six games is decent, but in a thirty eight game season would only yield seven goals a season.
Paul Pogba also suffers from the height of expectation based on hype and myth but this hype and myth is all smoke and mirrors, there is nothing of substance behind it. When you follow his career path it easy to see a pattern forming. At Torcy he was the clubs Under 13 captain, but after one season with Torcy he joined Le Havre's youth set up where he established himself as a youth international. Two years later he left for Manchester United's youth academy, apparently breaking a verbal agreement and amidst unsubstantiated claims of payments to his family,( £87000 and a house). Le Havre cried foul and called in the football authorities, at which point Torcy came out and accused Le Havre of the same thing. Two years later he was able to sign his first senior deal and reneged on another verbal agreement and went with the most money available and joined Juventus. However, if career and progress were the most important things to him surely staying under Alex Ferguson's careful guidance would have been the right choice. Ferguson"s record of developing youth is second to none, and Pogba would have done well to cast an eye over the rise, from callow youth to world superstar of Christian Ronaldo.
When Pogba established himself as a bona-fide star at Juventus his legend was born, the young man who went out and proved the doubters wrong and trusted in his own ability etc, etc. The truth is he was more concerned with riches than career development or indeed emotional or football development. He arrived at Juventus at the perfect moment, the Old Lady of Italian football was ready to rise again to be a force in European football and was ridiculously dominant in an Italian league slowly regaining impetus and reputation after being rocked by scandal. Pogba found himself winning trophies in a one horse race, as Juventus were that much better than every other Italian side.
Manchester United under new management and having suffered a few torrid years, needed a statement signing. Paul Pogba became that player, with United paying substantially over the odds odds in a then world record fee. All of this added to Pogba's growing reputation, he had garnered plaudits and trophies in his time at Juventus, but rumours persisted that his Juventus manager Allegri was quite happy for him to leave. The rave reviews he received at 18 and 19 took into account his age and allowed for the naivety of youth, but the suspicions started to surface that he wasn't making progress. He is now a man and he retains the same flaws!
So what now, for Paul Pogba? If he wishes to make a lot of money and be famous for a goal celebration and some funky haircuts, no problem. However, if he wants to be considered a world superstar then he needs to reinvent himself. He needs to add desire and start busting a gut for his team. He needs to gain some football nous and humility.
Paul Pogba has everything to be the greatest midfielder of his generation, sadly though, six years after establishing himself as a good player with massive potential, Paul Pogba remains merely a good player with massive potential.

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