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Why Klopp won't rush to replace Coutinho!

Jurgen Klopp is a passionate, animated manager. On the touch line he kicks every ball, heads every ball and wears his heart on his sleeve, but when it comes to the transfer market he has shown himself to be both a shrewd and a patient man. Klopp may not rush into the market, and Liverpool certainly won't want to dive in, even with one hundred and forty two million pounds in their back pocket. Liverpool has had it fingers burn't before, most notably when Luis Suarez was sold, and like a kid in a sweet shop Liverpool quickly frittered away the proceeds. Worse still, Liverpool did extremely well to squeeze fifty million pounds out of Chelsea for a non-performing Fernando Torres, and then before his departing taxi was even out of sight, they threw most of that money at the ill-fated Andy Carroll! The club has learnt its lesson and last Summer showed just how patient Klopp is and his determination to get the right man.
  Last Summer's business perfectly illustrates these points. Klopp had identified the players he wanted, Keita, Van Dyke, Salah, in that order plus a left-back and an attacking midfielder, with the last two the person wasn't so important they weren't key to the vision of the team in Klopp's head. When those first three players became difficult to get, passionate, animated Klopp, remained calm and unperturbed. Jurgen Klopp feels the character is as important as the ability and he wanted those three, if he couldn't have them, he would try again or start again but he wouldn't make rash decisions and dive into the market unprepared. Eventually, the deals for Naby Keita and Virgil Van Dyke wouldn't come to fruition but Klopp opted to wait and try again. Someone at the club pulled a rabbit out of a hat and signed Keita for this Summer and tensions between Liverpool and Southampton were allowed to die down and like a Canadian Mountie, Klopp eventually got his man, Van Dyke, on the first day of the transfer window.
  The other big deal of the Summer was the purchase of Mo Salah from Roma. This also became a long drawn out affair, and was exasperating for Liverpool fans who weren't even sure that wanted the player after his failure at Chelsea. At times it seemed like the two clubs were quibbling over pennies. Liverpool held their ground though, kept calm, safe in the knowledge that they held all the aces. They wanted the player, he wanted to come, Roma needed to sell to avoid financial fair play penalties, finally, the deal was done and six months later the purchase of Salah looks an absolute steal.
 Managers are judged ultimately by their results and at the big clubs by their ability to bring trophies to the club. They also live and die by their player purchases and sales. At this moment in time Klopp has been a success with all of his big money purchases, Mane, Salah, Wijnaldum all look like clever business, Oxlade-Chamberlain has done nothing wrong and is starting to show signs of making progress, especially in his game management, (he has always been a fabulous athlete). Time will tell if Van Dyke and Keita are successes.

Jurgen Klopp will have been disappointed to lose Coutinho, the Brazilian is a brilliant player, but he won't be flustered. He will pinpoint exactly who he wants and exactly what role they will play within the team. Don't be surprised if Klopp doesn't spend again this January, but, then again don't be surprised if he blows us all out of the water with another bombshell signing!

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