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Wenger’s complaints wear thin

An extract from an article on The Loose Cannon on WBA v Arsenal.
On the subject of physical demands, I found it hard to take that Wenger was moaning about the fixture list. On this occasion, it’s true that WBA had more preparation time, but playing two games in quick succession didn’t seem to have an adverse effect on Sanchez. The seemingly-fresher Iwobi, drafted in for Ozil, didn’t play the last game, but was, nevertheless, ineffective.
The all-conquering Liverpool side of the 80s used to play a ridiculous number of games with a much smaller squad. I accept that the game has changed since then, but surely it makes sense to give players days off after fixtures to give them a chance to recover. I simply do not accept that Arsenal have a more congested fixture list than other clubs and even if that is the case, it’s the price you happily pay for not getting knocked out of cup tournaments.
Despite the gloomy transfer outlook for Arsenal, with no obvious successors for the outgoing Sanchez and Ozil, there were some positives last night. Despite conceding a penalty, Chambers looked confident in a back three and was rarely troubled.
Upfront, Lacazette looks a threat, despite being starved of service by an Arsenal team that seem to believe that possession is nine tenths of the law. A lack of incisive passes from midfield means the Frenchman is living off scraps and he has my sympathy.
However, it’s hard to sympathise with Wenger’s moaning and groaning. Most Arsenal fans are expecting a poor excuse for a winter transfer window, which is becoming the norm at a club that claim to have lofty ambitions. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and Arsenal fans have not dined on anything remotely like caviar for many years now. Although I think Arsenal could do a lot worse than Wenger, I think the time has come to change the ‘Master Chef’, who serves up more excuses than anything nowadays.

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