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Arsenal transfers; does Arsene Wenger have a plan?

  Big companies have strategies. They have long term, mid term and short term strategies.  These strategies are based on achieving productivity and profitability targets. They have business analysts and people focussing solely on trend predictions. They diligently work out their strategies in order to achieve their goals. Football teams do exactly the same thing.
  So, what are Arsenal's long term, mid term and short term goals? Their long term goal maybe to win next seasons Premier League, mid term would be to finish in the top four and win the Europa league, and short term would be to win away at Bournemouth on Sunday afternoon.
  Arsene Wenger should be looking at these goals, sitting down with his staff, analysing his squad and his opponents squads, and discussing with his board his plan of action. Has Wenger highlighted weaknesses in his team and formed a strategy to eradicate them? Has he assessed the strengths of his team and considered whether these strengths are strong enough? Are there other intangible issues that could affect his chances of success?
  This January transfer window should have been mapped out with a strong focus on the mid term goal whilst not ignoring long term aims. Is this squad strong enough to finish top four and win the Europa league? Almost, certainly, yes but they have left themselves a lot of work to do in the second half of the season. Liverpool and Spurs the two teams above them, look stronger and much more likely. Does Wenger, after almost twenty years in charge know his best team, what formation and style he wants to play and who he needs to recruit in order to achieve this? Does he have a plan for Sanchez and Ozil? If they aren't sold in the next three weeks, will their presence and the uncertainty around them, affect squad morale and on pitch performance? If they are sold, can Arsenal cope without them,( almost certainly no), and can Arsenal get in players of sufficient quality to replace them,( again, almost certainly no).
  Compare this with Pep Guardiola at Manchester City. He arrived at City eighteen months ago, deicided the world class goalkeeper at the club wasn't good enough with the ball at his feet, so discarded him and bought another. Decided this second keeper wasn't good enough so bought another. Big decisions, made quickly with clarity of purpose. Last Summer, knowing exactly what he needed Guardiola bought no less than  three full backs. I understand Wenger can't compete with Guardiola financially, but Guardiola's vision, a clear understanding of where he is going and how to get there is exactly what Wenger seems to lack.
  Yet, when Arsene Wenger first arrived at Arsenal he was almost visionary in his approach. He came in like a breath of fresh air, changing training styles, diet and putting a firm emphasis on technique. He had a clear vision of blending traditional English qualities, rugged defending and strong leadership, with continental flair, pace and good technique. Wenger practically revolutionised English football. Wenger improved players and prolonged their careers. Look what he did with Patrick Viera and how he took an underachieving French winger from Italian football and transformed him into one of the world's finest centre forwards. Compare that with Theo Walcott, who appears to basically be the same player he was ten years ago, but with more muscles and less potential.
  This then, is the backdrop to this years January transfer window. Has Wenger marched into it like a colossus making firm decisions and strong moves or has he shuffled in as he has for the last ten years.  Could you see Sol Campbell leaving Tottenham for Arsenal in today's climate? Wenger has, of course already made one signing, a typical Wenger signing; a low cost young player with potential in Konstantinos Mavropanos. Does he help Arsenal achieve any of their goals?
  Maybe I will be proved wrong, and by January 31st Wenger will have made strong, decisive moves but nothing in the last ten years suggests this will be the case. The definition of madness is, doing what you've always done and expecting something different. Over to you then, Arsene, are you going to do something different? Have you got a plan?

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