Why buying Virgil Van Dyke means Liverpool need another defender!

Liverpool F.C. reportedly have a bid lodged with Lazio for Dutch international defender Stefan de Vrij. Whether, this bid was lodged as a Plan B, in case the Virgil Van Dyke deal didn't go through, or as an opening gambit in the Van Dyke deal, to increase pressure on Southampton F.C. is unclear. It maybe that someone at Liverpool recognises that Van Dyke on his own isn't enough. Football transfers are notoriously complicated, and full of intrigue. Just a couple of days ago, Manchester City were alledgedly in the box seat for Van Dyke's signature and yet Pep Guardiola has come out and said that VVD was never a key target. There is probably a case to suggest that someone in the Southampton camp, released news about City's interest to increase pressure on Liverpool, like I said Machiavellan intrigues abound!
The best option for Liverpool though is that they buy Stefan de Vrij as well as Van Dyke, De Vrij is a top quality defender, strong in the tackle and the air. A player who has a quality education in defending from the always brilliant Italian school of defending.
Liverpool have captured Van Dyke's signature but the defenders currently in their ranks aren't good enough to play alongside him. Virgil Van Dyke is not a shouter and organiser he won't bully his fellow defenders into good positions. In fact, Van Dyke's laid-back playing style could lead to more calamitous defensive howlers. Van Dyke is a massive step up in class on anything Liverpool have at the moment but he won't marshall the defence a la Jamie Carragher.
Stefan de Vrij is a top quality, cheap option. His contract expires in the summer and he becomes a free agent, so a relatively small outlay might mean that Liverpool can get him now. Normally, introducing two central defenders at once is a risky proposition, but Van Dyke has already proven his Premier League capabilities and the two players have experience playing together for Holland.
Virgil Van Dyke improves Liverpool, buy Van Dyke a decent central defensive partner and you significantly improve the Liverpool defence. Stefan de Vrij fits the bill of decent central defensive partner perfectly!

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