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Peter Crouch, humble superstar!

What odds that Peter Crouch will score against his old club Liverpool tonight, to cap off a great week having signed a contract extension to keep him at Stoke until 2019. Peter Crouch is that strange breed of footballer that is popular with his own fans and opposition fans. He encourages affection through his self-deprecating humour and his clear love of the life he is living. My wife was on the same plane as him once and she said that though he was clearly uncomfortable, (his knees were round his ears, on a cramped little seat), he was unfailingly polite, humble and good-natured. Although my wife knows a bit about football she isn't really interested in it, but she knows who Peter Crouch is, she even calls him,"Crouchie", in conversation. It is this warm, normal guy persona that sometimes makes us forget how good he has been. If you consider that Peter Crouch joined Stoke in 2011, when transfer fees were big but hadn't gone through the roof like the last two summers, the fact that he is the fifth highest costing player in cumulative fees in England speaks volumes. Various managers have paid £49.56 million pounds to secure his services. He is one of only twenty six players to score a hundred premier league goals. He holds the record for the most headed Premier League goals with 51 headed goals. He holds the record for the most Premier League substitute appearances which says more about his professionalism and desire to play football than it suggests he isn't a regular starter. Of course he isn't a regular starter now but after all he is 36 and despite making nine substitute appearances this season he has clocked up three goals. He is clearly still a threat even with his more limited game time. Crouch has played at the very highest level and looked completely at home, he is England's sixteenth highest goal scorer with twenty two goals in forty two games at a ratio of a goal every two games. He went to two World Cups. Peter Crouch won the 2006 FA Cup with Liverpool. The following season he scored in the highest match at club level possible, the Champions League final where unfortunately Liverpool were unable to repeat their heroics of two years earlier. Throughout his career Peter Crouch has received criticism for his playing style and appearance but he has shrugged it off and carried on in his low-key but very effective manner. We might all think of Peter Crouch as a nice guy but we should never underestimate his ability, "Crouchie" is truly a Premier League Legend!

By Clive Palmer


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