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Mourinho bashing! Really?

The last few weeks have seen fans forums, the media and the experts lining up to take pot shots at Mourinho, his team, his tactics and his beliefs.
The critics have been out in force with cries of, " too defensive", " too boring",, "not the United way" and "not good enough". However, if you take the time to dig deeper into those objections do they really stand up, If you hire Mourinho you know what your getting, a mix of controversy, dour football and trophies.
They say his United team is too boring, too defensive but Mourinho has always played cautious resilient football. He is a very good coach and his players know their jobs to the finest detail. Mourinho likes winning football played from a solid base. He likes trophies rather than plaudits, does anyone really expect him to change his philosophy just because he is at United?
Could someone please tell me what the United way is? Fergie's teams played some entertaining, swashbuckling football sure, but they also enjoyed plenty of gritty, dour and occasionally dirty one-nil wins. Fergie was a master at getting the result regardless of the performance. He always had warriors in his team, players like Hughes, Cantona, Ince, Keane,Stan and Vidic could and often would mix it with anyone. Mourinho likes these types of footballer too, he recognises their importance, Fellaini, Matic anyone? Mourinho has always had physical, aggressive players in his teams, in fact his treble winning Inter team had seven maybe eight of them.
The last criticism, that they're not good enough to win the league, well, I don't think they are. When Jose took over, United were miles off the pace. Fergie bought poorly in his last couple of seasons and didn't invest in the future. This was then compounded by continued weak investment under Moyes and Van Gaal.
The combination of the huge amount of money spent in the summer and the good start to the season, assisted by media hype ramped up expectation to unrealistic levels.Two four nil score lines where five of the eight goals came after the eightieth minute weren't as convincing as the scoreline  suggests. It wasn't until they played Liverpool in mid October that they actually played a team in the top half of the table. They then started on a run of games against tougher opposition and this coincided with some big name injuries.
Did any United fans honestly think they were good enough to win the league? How many of this current team would have got into Fergie's best teams.
For me only De Gea gets in a Fergie team and I'd put him behind Schmeichel though ahead of Van see Sar. If you don't believe me go through the team:
Left back- Blind or Young, I'll take Irwin or Evra every time and probably Heinze as well.
Centre back- Bailly is good but come on, Stam, Vidic, Ferdinand, Pallister, Bruce?
Right back- Valencia does a decent job, although his best days are behind him, but he isn't in Gary Neville's class.
Left Midfield- Anyone to touch Ryan Giggs? No? Didn't think so!
Right Midfield- Mata undoubtedly possesses quality but he wouldn't get in ahead of Beckham or Kanchelskis.
Centre Midfield-Pogba is good, maybe even great but to perform at his best he needs good players around him. He can't really carry a team and he definitely wouldn't push either Scholes or Keane out of the team, having said that, playing alongside them in a midfield three he would positively thrive.
Up front- Rashford looks like he is going to be outstanding and it will be interesting to see how he develops. Lukaku makes every squad but only because he offers something different, for me he doesn't play ahead of Van Nistelroy, Van Persie, Rooney, Yorke, Cantona or Sheringham.
I haven't even mentioned Ronaldo.
So if you pick your best United team from the last thirty years only De Gea gets close to inclusion and people still expect them to win the league.
In his short tenure Mourinho has done exceptionally well, two trophies in his first year, and look where they are now, second in the Premier League , top of their Champions League group and a quarter final against Bristol City in the Carabao cup to look forward to. You might not like Jose Mourinho, you may not like his methods or his childish petulance and the season may indeed pan out badly but you can't knock him at the moment, he is doing a magnificent job with the players at his disposal. Mourinho bashing? Be careful what you wish for United!
By Clive Palmer

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