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Fantasy Football have replaced 'All out attack' with brilliant new feature

While the new season is still a while away yet, there is still plenty to get excited about as the season approaches.
Teams are doing their best to tie up some transfers before their preseason friendlies and tours get going, fans are eagerly awaiting getting their first glimpse at the new signings while working out some precious away days for next season.
But, lest we forget, fans are getting ready to pick their fantasy football squads!
Yes, over four million of us played the Premier League's version of fantasy football last year and the number has shown to steadily rise over the past decade.
So what do you need to know about next season? Well, the guys at Fantasy Football are introducing a new chip along with the Wildcard, the Triple Captain and Bench Boost options that managers currently have up their sleeve.
It's called 'Free Hit'. In essence, it means managers will be able to replace their entire squad for a particular gameweek, but their 15-man squad of the Gameweek before returns for the next deadline.
Basically, you get a brand new team for one week only. So if you are struggling with a truckload of injuries and suspensions, you might want to give a brand new unit a try one week until your troops are back in action.

The chip, as Fantasy Football calls it, can only be used once per season and will allow for unlimited transfers for one Gameweek only. No matter how many moves you make in that week, after that specific Gameweek comes to an end, you're back to what you started with.
This tactic could prove an absolute stormer among fans when there is a double gameweek - a game at the weekend and in midweek - where players want to utilise somebody who is in red-hot form.
This particular perk will replace the All Out Attack chip which allowed you to play a 2-5-3 formation for once week only. It seems as though the fans didn't go crazy over that idea and after just a couple of years it has been binned.

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