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Time to play your wildcard

Game week 37 is one of those times when wildcards can be used effectively.

Personally, I'm using mine and I'm going for players from teams that will play two games during this game week.

To me, the most likely winners are Sunderland and West Ham. The Hammers take on Swansea and Man U at Upton Park, although the latter game is likely to be hotly contested, I expect the Hammers to roll over the Swans. Andy Carroll represents good value.

Sunderland, meanwhile, also have two home games Chelsea and Everton respectively. I'm expected the Black Cats to go hell for leather to make sure they stay up. The obvious value-for-money buy is Defoe.

Other teams playing two games include Man U and Liverpool, but I'm not sure the latter will have their eye on the league given their European success. Additionally, both have two tough away games to negotiate.

By contrast, Norwich have two consecutive home games, but I don't fancy them to beat Man U, although they may get three points against Watford (who also have two games over this period).

To conclude, I advise you to buy Hammers and Black Cats in bulk, providing you have still got your second wildcard up your sleeve.

Happy football managing!

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