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Deulofeu and Aguero bought

It's not been a great couple of weeks on the fantasy football front, so I thought it was time for a major shake-up.

I normally leave it to the last minute to bring in new signings, but this time I've brought them in early, mainly because midweek I'm too busy to really give it some thought.

Deulofeu has impressed me every time I've seen him play and, as he's finally started to rack up some points, I thought it was about time I brought him in.

De Bruyne's injury meant he had to go, feeing up some money and another place for a Man City star. As far as superstars go, they don't get any better than Aguero, so I'm making him captain. I've sacrificed Everton's Lukaku, as I think he may be running out of steam.

For once, I'm feeling confident about the next game week!

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