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Bellerin in for Koscielny

I've had to bite the Bellerin bullet and bring him back into the fold. I didn't want to sell him in the first place, but had to once he got injured. Seeing as Koscielny didn't start Arsenal's last game, I'm assuming Wenger will opt for Mertesacker and Gabriel in central defence again. Why change a winning team, eh? However, with games coming thick and fast during this period, Mertesacker could be rested, which might mean the return of Koscielny. Anyway, it's too late to worry about that now!

What I will do is put my Spurs defenders back in the team, as they've got Everton away. The Toffees are really out of form right now, but they are capable of scoring. Then again, I have a feeling Dier will get on the scoresheet. It's times like this that I wish I had Harry Kane, as he's bound to score, especially as he's the captain of the fantasy football team I'm facing in the cup.

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