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Midfield dilemma ahead of the weekend

I'm sure a lot of you are in the same boat as me this week if you've got Payet in your fantasy football team. How can I get an adequate replacement for the injured midfielder, who is out until late February?

That's £7.8m I can bank if I sell him, even though he will cost £8m to buy back! It feels so unfair, but the chances are I won't do that anyway. Who's going to pay £8m for a crock is what I would like to know.

Anyway, options are limited as top midfielders are expensive. I'm tempted to bring back Albrighton as, despite his impressive form this season, he's still as cheap as chips. The ones I want, like Coutinho and Mane, are out of my price range right now. It's so infuriating!

I'm toying with the idea of signing Kouyate or Lanzini, as someone else will surely shine in Payet's absence at West Ham. Either that, or they'll go down the pan. Perhaps a safer bet is Cabaye of Palace, as he takes penalties.

I'll make my decision tonight, I think. I'm definitely not looking on the 'Albrighton' side of life when it comes to fantasy football this week!

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