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Ighalo or Bolasie on the horizon

Now I've found out the reason why Kone is so cheap for fantasy football managers: he doesn't score many points. It's bizarre really, as I think he is instrumental in so many Everton attacks, but somehow the bean counters are not giving him the credit he deserves. So I have to be ruthless. Out goes Kone.

In will come Ighalo. That's the plan, but I won't buy the prolific Watford until Friday night or Saturday morning, just in case he gets injured in training.

Another possibility is to bring in Bolasie into my midfield, as Palace are pushing him forward so he's bound to get plenty of chance to score. A bit like Redmond at Norwich. However, I don't really want to lose Ayew or Yaya Toure, and someone will have to make way for Bolasie if I do indeed bring him in.

Food for thought for Friday!

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