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So upset I made a spelling mistake

Aguero should really have 5 'r's, one for each goal he scored yesterday. I could have been still top of my local league, had Aguero not been skipper of Welshy's XI (now top of the league thank to a huge amount of extra points earned).

I'd love to have Auguero in my team, but he's pricey. Plus I've got other issues to address: injuries to Koscielny and Yaya Toure. The former will be out until 24th, while the midfielder will be missing until 17th.

If I replace Koscielny first, I can bank about £800k if I replace him with Tottenham's Dier. That seems a sensible move.

However, I need to bank more if I want to bring De Bruyne in midfield to replace Yaya. A lot more. Therefore I need to keep an eye on Everton's Galloway. If he plays well against Liverpool, I may bring him in, just so I can upgrade Yaya.

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