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Can you beat this African and Asian fantasy football team?

I've attempted to put together a fantasy football team of only African and Asian players, but I've had to put a couple of guest footballers in to make up the numbers (in regards to the goalkeeping position).

So here's the run down: Hart and Cech are my goalkeepers (enough said!).

 My defence consists of: Nyom (£4.5m, Watford, 36pts), Bassong (£4.4m Norwich, 11pts), Mbemba (£5.0m Newcastle, 15pts), Yoshida (£4.3m Southampton, 17pts), Souare (£4.6m C.Palace, 26pts). 

The midfield: Mahrez (£6.5m Leicester, 70pts), Ayew (£7.1m Swansea, 57pts), Kouyate (£5.6m West Ham, 41pts), Yaya Toure (£8.5m Man City, 43pts), Mane (£7.9m Southampton, 50pts). 

Forwards: Okazaki (£5.8m Leicester, 19pts), Ighalo (£5.4m Watford, 54pts), Mbokani (£5.7m Norwich, 16pts).

Predictions (Can you beat the 'experts'? Submit your predictions)

Chelsea v Liverpool
Rob: 1-1, Joe: 0-1

C.Palace v Man Utd
Rob: 2-2, Joe: 0-2

Man City v Norwich
Rob: 4-0, Joe: 3-0

Newcastle v Stoke
Rob: 2-1, Joe: 1-2

Swansea v Arsenal
Rob: 1-2, Joe: 1-3

Watford v West Ham
Rob: 1-3, Joe: 1-2

WBA v Leicester
Rob: 0-0, Joe: 1-1

Everton v Sunderland
Rob: 2-0, Joe: 3-1

Southampton v Bournemouth
Rob: 1-0, Joe: 3-0

Tottenham v Aston Villa
Rob: 2-0, Joe: 3-0

(2 points for correct score, 1 point for a correct result)

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