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Wild card time

I had to do it: I took the plunge and used my wild card for the betterment of my fantasy football team.

To make it worthwhile, I've swapped 8 players and now I've got £2.4m in the bank!

Everyone told me not to be hasty, but I couldn't see how the likes of Cahill, Yoshida, Albrighton, Puncheon, Milner, Montero, Gomis and Rooney we're going to win me points anymore. Okay, the last two are a bit controversial, but I was so unhappy with Swansea's last performance and Rooney's injury that I thought I had to do something.

In come the following high-point-scoring duos: Man City's Kolorov and Fernandinho, Man U's Shaw and Blind, Everton's Barkley and Lukaku, and finally Mahrez and Vardy from Leicester.

I may regret this later, but it feels good right now!

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