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Transfer frenzy at

It's been transfer frenzy time at with the wild card played. With high-scoring defender Kompany only given a 75 per cent chance of playing on Saturday, should I sell him and bring in Sagna? After much deliberation, I decided to keep Kompany. I hope it's not a decision I regret.

I've changed my team around so much that I'm not sure who I should be cheering on for points this weekend. I've brought in big hitters from Leicester, Man City and Man Utd primarily, so I'll watch their games with interest.

The problem with buying players from teams involved in Europe is they play more games, so are more likely to get injured and tired. How many times have we seen a big team have an off day after a European adventure. Nevertheless, Leicester aside, I'm banking on the biggies to bring home the bacon, I mean points. We'll soon see if I'm right or not.

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