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Sagna - a good fantasy football skipper

I feel I took a huge risk bringing in Bacari Sagna at the last minute, but what was the point keeping the faith with the crocked Kompany, who was never going to be fit in time? Moreover, I don't know what possessed me to make Sagna skipper. Let's hope he has a blinder against West Ham, as I need the points with Welshy's XI breathing down my neck in my local league.

My nearest rival was only 12 points behind going into this round of games and already he's more than made up the ground with Wilson, Hazard, Butland and Stones all scoring six or more today. Now I just have to pray his captain Aguerro doesn't score.

However, it's more in my interests than his that Man City keep a clean sheet against West Ham, as I've got Kolorov as well as Sagna. A top performance from star Hammer Payet would swing more points my way too.

I've noticed Welshy's XI includes my old boy, Gomis. Well, he only scored two points today, so I'm not too fussed. I thought he did okay against Everton, but he did miss a few chances. Quite why his team-mate Montero is not accumulating more points is beyond me: it's one of the anomalies of the game.

I was choked about not selecting Vardy, after I saw he scored against Stoke. Plus, I was a mug not to make Mahrez my captain, as this soon-to-be Leicester legend can do no wrong. Anyway, there's always next week unless Sagna's contribution keeps me at the top.

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