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Buy Mancs for your fantasy football team

Now that De Gea has signed a long-term deal at Manchester United, it's time to bring him into your team. In my case, it was a no-brainier with Cortois out for 3 months with a knee injury. However, I've got Cech, who's in decent form, so the goalkeeper wasn't a priority. Then again, I couldn't resist banking £100k while ridding myself of a crock: so it was Cortois out and De Gea.

Talking of value, my team assembled for £100m has now depreciated to the tune of £500k. It's hard to take, especially as I'm top of my local league still.

When it comes to team selection, I've thrown Cahill back into the fray with the faint hope that Mourinho will put him back into the starting line-up. I'm sure Jose will try something as he wont be happy about shipping 3 goals at Goodison Park.

On my radar is Fernandinho, who is cheap at £6m. I could afford him if I flog Puncheon, who may be sidelined with injury, apparently. Danny Blind also looks like value for money at £5.5m.

Surely Rooney's hamstring will be fine next weekend, so I'm not going to panic-sell him just yet!

By Mancs (both Utd and City) is my mantra this week!

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