Ayew in, Blind out

It's been a comparatively quiet week at ESPSoccer.com on the fantasy football front, after the hectic wheeling and dealing of my 'wild card' week. Umpteen deals were done to improve my team, but all I saw was my team slipping down to third in my local league.

Although I've got my eye on Martial, I had the full complement of Man Utd players so I've had to sell before I can buy. So it's 'bye, bye, Danny Blind' and 'hello' to Swansea's Ayew.

Next week, I hope I can still afford Martial. Right now, I could sell the injured Benteke and bring the Man Utd teenager in, but I don't want to lose 4 points doing it. So I'm limiting myself to one transfer per week. They say patience is a virtue, so let's see if it works for me.

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