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Deza worth a Premier League punt?

Any scout worth his salt should consider lining up Peru's Jean Deza for a Premier League move. The Montpellier forward was a thorn in England's side throughout the friendly, but Sturridge won the MoM award for a sublime opening goal. Yet pundit Lee Dixon reckoned Sturridge flitted in and out of the game. However, no one can criticise Sturridge's opening goal. Suddenly, England looked like winners. Not of the World Cup, but at least winners of this friendly.

A paper plane hitting a Peruvian in the head got the biggest roar from the crowd, which shows how mind-numbing the action was for some fans. Not for me.

There was plenty to keep me interested. Defensively, we looked solid. Johnson did make a few mistakes, but when it comes to the crunch he won't. He's got class and I believe in him. Jags and Mr Class Cahill both got on the score sheet. Baines got an assist and Hart dealt with everything that headed goalwards. Not much to complain about in that department, then.

In midfield, we looked defensively solid, but I don't think we fared well with our potentially probing balls forward. The potential recipients were not receiving, so no 'oohs' and 'ahs' from me on that front. It just looked like we were giving the ball away needlessly. In the World Cup we're unlikely to get away with that.

Upfront, the aforementioned Sturridge was a handful, but the supply line wasn't supplying. It's a good job he doesn't need too many chances to hit the back of the net.

Going back to midfield, for a moment, if I was the boss, I'd consider replacing Henderson in midfield. I don't think Henderson offers enough defensively and not enough offensively either. He certainly didn't in this game, at least. Jack Wilshere offered slightly more in that position, but was it enough to oust Henderson? I'm not sure.

The most impressive sub, in my opinion, was Sterling. What a live wire! Barkley needs more time to impress, but impress he will. I feel sure.

Based on this performance, I'd say we'll reach the knock-out stages. We could even make the quarter-finals, if we're lucky, but it's hard to imagine us getting past that stage. Stranger things have happened though. Much has been won with a strong defence, ask the former Euro 2004 winners, Greece.

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