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Champions League, not Championship for Ryo!

Ryo Miyaichi fans will be pleased to see that Arsenal have included him in their Champions League squad, which seems to indicate that he is firmly in Arsene Wenger's long-term plans. No Championship loan spell away from Arsenal in the near future then. Bolton will be disappointed. Perhaps Feyenoord too. The only caveat to this good news is Ryo's rib injury which, according to Wenger, will keep him out of action until 19th August. I was thinking yesterday about difficult it is to get over a rib injury. I broke a couple of ribs once and it took at least 4 weeks to get over it. Even then, I could still feel pain. In fact, my doctor told me it would take around 6 weeks for my ribs to heal up. Therefore, I reckon we won't see Ryo in action until around 19th September. Let's hope Arsenal are still involved in the Champions League by then, as it's not a forgone conclusion with Fenerbache standing in the way.

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