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Grumpy Piksi grumbles about Grampus's grave predicament

After 4 defeats on the spin, Nagoya Grampus boss Dragan Stojkovic is understandably grumpy. After the latest loss away 3-1 at Kashima Antlers, Piksi admitted: “It’s a difficult situation, of course.
“You don’t need too much intelligence to understand that. We are very close to J2. This is how you go to J2: by losing every game and J2 will be waiting for you. This is the reality. But it’s not tragedy — nobody will die.
“(We have) no determination, no player who is able to score. Osako is a high-level player. He controls, he shoots, he keeps the ball, does everything. We don’t have this player. Psychologically, we are not good enough. I accept all the responsibility. I accept all the criticism from the supporters. We play with the best team. But the quality is a big question mark.”
Grampus are just 3 points off the drop zone. Surely their fortunes will improve. 
Heads tend to roll down when J1 teams are in the bottom three, as Jubilo Iwata will testify. Hitoshi Morishita stepped down as their manager on 4th May and now his replacement has been announced: Japan’s London Olympic coach Takashi Sekizuka. 

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