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Wake-up call or en garde?

After exiting the Champions League, leaving no English representatives still in the competition, Arsène Wenger claimed it's a 'wake-up call' for the Premier League. Manchester United might not see it that way, as they were, according to many, denied by a referee's decision only. Roy Keane, of course, said reckless play should always result in a red card, and who would want to argue with him? Only Sir Alex Ferguson would have the guts to!
The other wake-up call was that needed by Bayern, after being pegged back by Arsenal. Arjen Robben seemed to be overhearing what Wenger said post-match as he came out with a similar comment. Bayern face Juventus next and will hope it will be a case of lessons learned.
Whether lessons have to be learned by Premier League clubs, generally, remains to be seen with Spurs, Chelsea and Newcastle all advancing into the next round of the Europa League. Perhaps it indicates the strength in depth of English competition has not diminished at all, but there are question mark about our top clubs. Or is it simply a case of biased refereeing by European officials?
It's too early to see any trend, but in fencing terms it's time to be 'en garde'!

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