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Upsetting the Appleton

Millwall have upset Blackburn boss Michael Appleton, apparently. It seems the Lions were like a team of Norman Hunters, biting legs and injuring heads and ribs.
I'm not sure I saw it like that. Rob Hulse's elbow may have caught Scott Dann, but TV replays showed it to be unintentional. Man-of-the-match Danny Shittu may have caused Bradley Orr's suspected broken rib, but the Millwall defender was also fouled at times.
David Bentley got the most stick, from the fans and was unceremoniously dumped on his backside at one point after an over-zealous challenge. Aside from that foul, I don't know what Appleby is moaning about.
As Jack Smith said: 'They seemed to fall over if we breathed on them.'
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