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Ryo Miyaichi latest

It's hard to gauge the extent of Ryo's most recent injury blow. We can safely say he's quite injury prone, at this stage in his career, but that may change. Look at Robin van Persie. Sometimes, they say broken bones heal and make you physically stronger. I'm not sure I believe it, but that what 'they' say...well, whoever 'they' are.
Meanwhile, I can tell you what Wigan boss Roberto Martinez says: 'Ryo picked up a very nasty knock and we'll look at that in depth over the next 24 hours.
'We'll pay close attention to him and ensure he is given every opportunity to make an impact before the end of the season.'
So far, the only 'impacts' have been on his brittle frame! Get it? Well, Ryo has! Big time! And one thing I can vouch for is his incredible bravery: his physical and mental strength. That's why I won't write him off, despite this latest setback.
Get well soon, Ryo!

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  1. Injury prone? After getting injured from a bad tackle. And Damien Martinez??? Its Roberto, Damien is our reserve keeper FFS

  2. Thanks for the comment, Jack. You're right about Martinez's first name, of course, but you're wrong about Ryo's injury record. Do you know how many times he's been injured. Me neither. I've lost count. If he can stay fit though, he's got a great future in the game

  3. Ryo's had at least 2 injuries, that I know of, this season. So far, he's managed just 4 Premier League matches for Wigan, so no one can tell me he's not injury-prone. Like I said in the article, that may change as he matures.