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No wonderland for serial boss-changers

Ex-Hull boss Phil Brown questions whether foreign owners know what they're doing. I'm not surprised he's saying that given that Brian McDermott has been shown the door at Reading. Brown sounds interested in the vacant post, but the Royals are looking at the double dees: di Matteo and di Canio. Anyone called Tweedle Dee from Dundee would be wise to apply too!
Meanwhile, David Fletcher, a sports psychologist, says research shows that sticking with a boss will give a team more chance of success. The biggest indicator of success is players' salaries. New managers' honeymoon period last 6-8 weeks. After that, there's a downturn.
When will owners and fans learn: there's no quick fix in football? Changing a boss without due cause can result in 'Tweedle Doom'.

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